The 36th International Böblinger Open took place from December 26th to December 30th 2019 in the Mercure hotel in the city of Böblingen.

International Master Qi b Chen (China) wins the 36th Böblinger Open!

GM Arik Braun
Elo 2600, age 31

GM Evgeny Vorobiov
Elo 2555, age 43

IM Qi b Chen
Elo 2445, age 19

GM Li Di
Elo 2538, age 20

IM Christopher Noe
Elo 2529, age 23

GM Iniyan Panneerselvam
Elo 2509, age 17

GM Vladimir Burmakin
Elo 2507, age 52

IM Ivan Schitco
Elo 2492, age 16


Willkommen - Welcome - Bienvenue!

Dear chessfriends,

we are glad that we may invite you to the 36.International Böblinger Open.

We thank the Mercurce Hotel in Böblingen for accommodation. The Mercure Hotel will also be our venue for the tournament.

We thank the director Tatjana Domingos very much for that.
This year you will again exclusively be entertained by our club SC-Böblingen.

More information can be found on these pages. For questions regarding the tournament, I am happy to assist you.

The number of participants of all three tournanemts together is limited to 300 persons.

In the name of all members, friends and sponsors of the Chessclub SC Böblingen 1975 e.V.

Mario Born, Präsident


To download the official Flyer of the Open 2019 klick here!